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Birthdate:Apr 1
Location:Vancovuer, (states/regions/territories), Canada
Female, 24, bisexual, atheist, Aussie food lover, writer, porn writer (in case you were wondering) bitch, snarky, spicy, crazed, Tith is two handfuls and then some. She cannot stand hypocrisy and lies, and loves caffeine and chocolate way more than she should be allowed to -- especially if you have to stand her on a day-to-day basis.
This LJ is Friends Only. My friending policy is easy, you want to friend me? Go ahead, everyone's welcome, but I don’t friend back automatically anymore, since skip=220 each day is not something I can do, even if I'd love to. Fandom squeeeeage, writings and graphics are always open posts, so if we click like mad and we get to know each other, then fantastic, I'm all about meeting people, but I have to keep some self preservation. ♥
Sex. Muse. Dean. Sam. Coffee. Jelly Beans. Vancouver. Writing. Porn. Writing porn. Jensen. Brian Kinney. J2. Chocolate. VFS. My girls. Jared. Boys. Girls. Boys and girls (at the same time). Spe. Pride. Balloons. Music. SamandDean. Rock. Popcorn. 30 Seconds to Mars. Supernatural. Criminal Minds. Cheese. Dr Spencer Reid. Wolverine. Taylor McYumminess Kitsch. Shoes. Dexter. Queer as Folk. Gambit. OTP. Cliff. Kyle and Edward. AC/DC.
The man who spoke looked to James as if he had stepped out of the old movies his sister watched. He’d not thought men could still look like that. Tall, elegant, and dressed in a suit that had probably cost more than James's apartment, he strode forwards until he stood toe to toe with Smith. He might have been beautiful, but the utter coldness of his eyes gave him too sharp an edge for James to look on him with anything other than confusion.

“Who the fuck are you?” Smith was as famous for her lack of manners as she was her short temper.

“Jensen Ackles.”

Besides him, James felt Jessica stiffen, while Smith looked at Ackles as if he were something nasty on her shoe. “Ambassador. Let me guess, you’ve come to join my team,” she mocked. “Price thinks I need you to find Harlequin.”

“Actually,” Ackles said with a smile that didn’t come close to reaching his eyes, “I’m here to lead the team. Kane.” Ackles tipped his head, and before James could follow the movement, Kane pulled a handgun from his side and put a bullet between Director Smith’s eyes.

The woman’s body hit the floor. Ackles stepped over her and cast a flat gaze around the room.

“Any questions?”
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